Home is where the WiFi is

I’m not sure how many of you know this, but i am from the great state of Utah. While I do at times complain about the more than heavy religious influence that the Mormons have over this area I have to admit that there are many things I love about living here. I try to avoid sharing other people’s articles as much as possible, but thought that this one is well done and that you might enjoy knowing about this misunderstood gem of the United States.

Oh and my WiFi is “Pretty Fly for a WiFi” so if you happen upon it stop over and say hi!


Winter Time

Who has two thumbs and got a GoPro for Chirstmas? This guy.

Well to the point, to those of you who are following me and any new subscribers, I wanted to share with you what me and my boy have been doing for the past few weekends. I went to Evo sometime in August (pre-season) and got some killer deals on new winter goods for myself and the family. We are loving life close to the mountains in Utah.