Winter Time

Who has two thumbs and got a GoPro for Chirstmas? This guy.

Well to the point, to those of you who are following me and any new subscribers, I wanted to share with you what me and my boy have been doing for the past few weekends. I went to Evo sometime in August (pre-season) and got some killer deals on new winter goods for myself and the family. We are loving life close to the mountains in Utah.


I met a robot and then some

I met a robot and then some

We were lucky enough to secure tickets for the first annual Salt Lake Comic Convention. It was crazy busy, but fun for the whole family. At the end of it all my wife and boys had to leave somewhat early because they really only had fun for about 2 hours as the event was geared toward adults. Upon hindsight I should have arranged for a sitter to watch the boys after those couple hours because my wife was having a great time and would have liked to continue the experience.

Next Stop….. Yellowstone

Next Stop..... Yellowstone

We finally made it! The last day of our vacation was Yellowstone National Park. The last time we were here was early spring. At that time of the year all of the animals are coming into the area to warm up after the long winter chill.
On our first stop we visited the Paint Pots. Our little guy got to learn about the delicate balance of life, ecosystems and places where bacteria live if they aren’t making us sick/helping us live..