A little summer fun

It’s getting colder outside so I thought it would be a good time to go over some of our summer videos to help me warm up; a hot cup of tea helps too.

This summer was so crazy and very busy. I don’t think there was a weekend that we didn’t do something fun. We live in Utah so there is never a lack of outdoor activities. However, I remember growing up with a family that didn’t go out more than once or twice a month. This is why I choose to get out as much as possible while trying out new activities.

With help of some of the new people I’ve met this year I was able to try rock climbing and new intense mountain bike runs. Of course I didn’t forget about the family. We had plenty of family fun doing activities like bike riding and swimming.

Check out my youtube channel for more adventures.


Winter Time

Who has two thumbs and got a GoPro for Chirstmas? This guy.

Well to the point, to those of you who are following me and any new subscribers, I wanted to share with you what me and my boy have been doing for the past few weekends. I went to Evo sometime in August (pre-season) and got some killer deals on new winter goods for myself and the family. We are loving life close to the mountains in Utah.

Disneyland Day 2.1

Disneyland Day 2.1

Okay so we realized that on our first day we were in Disney’s California Adventure. After our first day we realized that we needed to take plenty of breaks. Unfortunately all our planning couldn’t account for the littlest guy getting a little sick. This is really the iconic side of the park. We didn’t explore everything fully through, but what we did see was amazing; especially how clean it was.

Disney Day 1.2

Disney Day 1.2

I’m not sure if it is because we have taken him all over the world but our oldest didn’t seem as excited as we would have hoped about the trip. Granted he did have a blast while there and was very happy running around and meeting all the characters. His favorite part thus far was taking his mom on the Tower of Terror and saying that he was braver than her.
I’ve included for you enjoyment a link to my You Tube channel which shows our presenting to him this trip.Just click on the picture above.

Disney Day 1

Disney Day 1

So I work in both Marketing and Sales. I’d like to think that I’m reasonably good at what I do. Fortunately for me my company agrees with this. As a bonus for some extremely good numbers over the past year my family and I were awarded with a 3 day all expenses paid trip to Disney Land trip.
I found out that this place is very exciting and exhausting to both parents and kids. At the beginning of day 1 I went to the gym to start my day. I later learned that it’s best to conserve your energy for the park.

Bear Days of Summer

Bear Days of Summer

I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad of the fact that I know the kids are going to grow up. A hope that keeps running through me is that the boys will continue to find interest in places like the zoo as they grow up. I say this because I know that these sort of places nurture creativity and curiosity in people big and small. In the end all I can continue to do is continue to provide them a rich global experience of the world around them.