A little summer fun

It’s getting colder outside so I thought it would be a good time to go over some of our summer videos to help me warm up; a hot cup of tea helps too.

This summer was so crazy and very busy. I don’t think there was a weekend that we didn’t do something fun. We live in Utah so there is never a lack of outdoor activities. However, I remember growing up with a family that didn’t go out more than once or twice a month. This is why I choose to get out as much as possible while trying out new activities.

With help of some of the new people I’ve met this year I was able to try rock climbing and new intense mountain bike runs. Of course I didn’t forget about the family. We had plenty of family fun doing activities like bike riding and swimming.

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Xi’s Big Day

Xi's Big Day

We decided to go to Victoria, BC for Xi’s milestone birthday; don’t ask a number as she is somewhat sensitive about that. Originally we had thought about going to Moab and Arches national monument in Southern UT, but decided against that as it is so hot and dry down there that you can get dehydrated without even sweating.
Victoria is a lovely city, with many adventures for both the children and us. Xi desperately wants to have some adult time without having to manage the children, but that won’t happen for a couple days at least.