Chronicles of a single-ish dad guy. Part 1: Didn’t you have Pants?

I’d like to introduce myself; Tyson. Hi nice to meet you. I’m a hard working man for a up and coming SaaS company called Workday. More relevant to this however is my wife, Xi (She) who is a hard working woman for a smaller home living good company called RST Brands.

She is the Supply Chain Manager/Director for this company and, because she is fluent in Chinese, must make regular trips to China. She does this to help negotiate new contracts with manufacturers and ensure quality control standards are met. The events that follow occurred during one of these trips.

Day 1:
7:00 – No change around the house outside of mom bringing extra big bags to work.

8:30 – It’s time to drop the boys off at school. We’ve been talking about the trip all morning and the 3 year old understands one simple fact; someone is going on with airplanes and he likes airplanes.

8:31 – I finally get a good understanding as to how strong a 3 year old is when they eat all their food. At one point the teacher got a pry bar to remove him from around my neck, but regretfully a plastic tool doesn’t hold up well in this kind of struggle. “So how do you solve a problem like Maria?” Simple, ship em out.

8:40 – The kindergarten class and big brother located there in was happy to help the little guy calm down. Who knew creative solutions and community help would work?

12:00 – A little secret for all you working dads. Go to the gym at lunch. generally your employer encourages this behavior and will grant you an bit of an extended lunch. On top of that, you get a refresh in the middle of the day and avoid going out to eat every day.

3:45 – Call from the elementary school reveals that older brother was under the impression that we would be picking him up and the whole family would be going to the airport. So cute, kinda sad. You know what this calls for?

5:00 – Snacks! After getting little brother from the preschool area we decide that we could use some special snacks for the final leg of the journey home.

The list…
Pringles – can for each kid
Capri Sun
Oatmeal – like I said, the 3 year old eats
Wasatch Sampler pack – k this one’s for me

5:15 – Time to play our music louder than mom wants us to while eating dinner; pulled BBQ beef and broccoli. The music will continue throughout the night.

Penywise – Dad pick
Guttermouth – Dad pick
Gorillaz – Oldest pick
Deltron 3030 – Dad pick
Wax Tailor – Youngest pick
Imagine Dragons – Youngest pick

6:00 – It’s time to play with each other. By Thor’s hammer we will not be having TV streaming all week. “Play with each other. You’re boys that’s what you’re supposed to do”

6:15 – Little brother “Daaaaaad I hurt my head!” Dad says “Is there blood or a bump?” Older brother says “nope.” Dad says “Okay keep playing, just take it from 11 to 10.” Dad laughs and kids don’t know why

6:30 – Somehow the 3 year old lost his pants. They are no where to be found in the house. Personal note, revert back to my favorite bachelor game “where’s the smell?”

7:00 – Time to calm down and do something a little more creative. big brother has a Lego stash that would enable him to build his own Lego Movie, but for some reason wants more….

One of the first books I read to my oldest was “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Why? Simple, I needed references that a child could relate to. In this circumstance Veruca Salt worked just fine.

7:30 – “Boys why are you literally standing in the fridge?” Boys, “Dad, I know we said that we weren’t hungry anymore, but can we have a hot dog?”

7:40 – Eat hot dogs… CRAP! I begin to realize that my perfect week goal may not end up perfect after all, but hey, the kitchen is clean as a whistle.

Homework at the new desk!

Homework at the new desk!

8:00 – Alright it’s time for homework and book time.

All in all day 1 was eventful, but manageable. The boys went to bed a little late, but that’s to be expected because I usually keep them up a little past 8:) to play with them. The hardest part about being a working parent is that you don’t get to play with your kids nearly as much as you would like.

Tomorrow is a new day. This time; no time keeping.

It's been a long day

It’s been a long day


Business Networking Events

As many of you know, I am currently in the MBA program at Westminster College. This program has given me a world of experience that apply to both my personal and professional growth. The program I am in is designed to deliver this growth through classroom study, practical projects and extracarricular activities. Initially I wasn’t able to do any of the extracirricular activitied due to constraints on my time at work and at home. Recently however I have been doing thing like attending power lunches, where a prominent member of the business community will discuss how they became successful, and attend networking events.

These networking events vary greatly in format from event to event. Some of them are simply glorified job fairs and others are just excuses for adults to get together and have a professional gathering/party. If you are going to these I submit for you to consider a number of aspects in order to make the event a productive use of your time.

1. Dress codes vary so pay attention to the format; business casual is a minimul

2. Everyone attending can become a good business contact to leverage including yourself

3. Hand out business cards not resumes; resumes are for job fairs

4. loosen up! Use the communication skills you learned at parties when you were younger. If you’re lacking in communication skills then you can develop them at these events.

5. Open the discussion circle when someone walks up. These can be somewhat competative especially if you found someone who may want to introduce you to their business, but it is rude to block someone out of a conversation at a networking event and it makes you look bad if you do.

6. This one doesn’t have to be a rule, but I encourage it. Don’t eat food that will cause bad breath!

Workin it

Anyone else over worked and under paid by comparison to the way things were in the before time?

I’ve been lucky in that I have been able to keep my job through the worst of times. I was even able to switch to a new job when I felt the need to move on with my career. Despite this I am still somewhat hesitant to dip my feet too heavily into that job pool. I think that employers know this too as they are keeping some of the habits they developed over the recession. I am finding that many of my peers were doing more work for less pay during the hard times. This seems to be only exasperated by the fact that people are scared to leave poor working conditions. Research conducted in Europe found that “Some 62% said they are willing to put a great deal of effort beyond what is normally expected to help their organization be successful and only 12% are actively looking for another job. However, only 39% believe their senior leaders are trustworthy and 30% believe their organizations did not treat their employees fairly in the last 12 months.”

How can we fix the whole problem? The simple answer comes from the employers. Start your hiring. The economy has really picked up and the time has come to deliver more employee confidence. Let me give you an example of what not to do. Recently at my facility one of the senior management left for a job at a different firm. Normally this would cause a trickle down effect causing people to move up in their careers. However, my firm decided not to replace him. Instead they though it best to move his responsibilities down to his subordinates who would then move some of their responsibilities down etc. Now we all have more work to do at the same wage AND NO HOPE TO MOVE UP! This shows that they don’t want to encourage career growth instead want to encourage more stress on an already over stressed population.