A little summer fun

It’s getting colder outside so I thought it would be a good time to go over some of our summer videos to help me warm up; a hot cup of tea helps too.

This summer was so crazy and very busy. I don’t think there was a weekend that we didn’t do something fun. We live in Utah so there is never a lack of outdoor activities. However, I remember growing up with a family that didn’t go out more than once or twice a month. This is why I choose to get out as much as possible while trying out new activities.

With help of some of the new people I’ve met this year I was able to try rock climbing and new intense mountain bike runs. Of course I didn’t forget about the family. We had plenty of family fun doing activities like bike riding and swimming.

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Chronicles of a Single-ish Dad Guy. Part 2: Oops I crapped my pants

I’m struggling here.

Alright I came into this week composed and have been doing just fine. Honestly, I could do this well enough going forward so long as I hold my daily routine. So why, if I’ve got this level of confidence, would I say that I’m struggling?

To put it simply, I’ve got a meeting that I need to facilitate at 8:00 in the morning tomorrow that was set up 2 weeks ago. This is complicated because their school doesn’t open until 8:15. This isn’t why I’m struggling though. I’ve already developed a contingency plan for this.

I have already made arrangements with their school to have them dropped off early at 7:45. This give me exactly 15 minutes to make it to the office. which cuts it close, but is feasible.

Here’s why I’m struggling; routine inconsistency and crappy pants. Potty training the 3 year old means that there is a real potability that there will be some surprise in his pants the moment we get in the car and no sooner….. Why? Because that very scene happened this morning.

I suppose the only thing to do is see what tomorrow brings and try to get him to go before we go.

Spider boy and dino boy challenge gravity

Spider boy and dino boy challenge gravity

Until then I want to say that the highlight of the day was when the boys realized that I made the beds. Apparently a made bed is a kid magnet

Taking it down a notch before bed

Taking it down a notch before bed

Other than that, we had a normal night that included Mac & Cheese with hot dogs and a book before bed. I say lack of excitement on a Wednesday is a win.

Chronicles of a single-ish dad guy. Part 1: Didn’t you have Pants?

I’d like to introduce myself; Tyson. Hi nice to meet you. I’m a hard working man for a up and coming SaaS company called Workday. More relevant to this however is my wife, Xi (She) who is a hard working woman for a smaller home living good company called RST Brands.

She is the Supply Chain Manager/Director for this company and, because she is fluent in Chinese, must make regular trips to China. She does this to help negotiate new contracts with manufacturers and ensure quality control standards are met. The events that follow occurred during one of these trips.

Day 1:
7:00 – No change around the house outside of mom bringing extra big bags to work.

8:30 – It’s time to drop the boys off at school. We’ve been talking about the trip all morning and the 3 year old understands one simple fact; someone is going on with airplanes and he likes airplanes.

8:31 – I finally get a good understanding as to how strong a 3 year old is when they eat all their food. At one point the teacher got a pry bar to remove him from around my neck, but regretfully a plastic tool doesn’t hold up well in this kind of struggle. “So how do you solve a problem like Maria?” Simple, ship em out.

8:40 – The kindergarten class and big brother located there in was happy to help the little guy calm down. Who knew creative solutions and community help would work?

12:00 – A little secret for all you working dads. Go to the gym at lunch. generally your employer encourages this behavior and will grant you an bit of an extended lunch. On top of that, you get a refresh in the middle of the day and avoid going out to eat every day.

3:45 – Call from the elementary school reveals that older brother was under the impression that we would be picking him up and the whole family would be going to the airport. So cute, kinda sad. You know what this calls for?

5:00 – Snacks! After getting little brother from the preschool area we decide that we could use some special snacks for the final leg of the journey home.

The list…
Pringles – can for each kid
Capri Sun
Oatmeal – like I said, the 3 year old eats
Wasatch Sampler pack – k this one’s for me

5:15 – Time to play our music louder than mom wants us to while eating dinner; pulled BBQ beef and broccoli. The music will continue throughout the night.

Penywise – Dad pick
Guttermouth – Dad pick
Gorillaz – Oldest pick
Deltron 3030 – Dad pick
Wax Tailor – Youngest pick
Imagine Dragons – Youngest pick

6:00 – It’s time to play with each other. By Thor’s hammer we will not be having TV streaming all week. “Play with each other. You’re boys that’s what you’re supposed to do”

6:15 – Little brother “Daaaaaad I hurt my head!” Dad says “Is there blood or a bump?” Older brother says “nope.” Dad says “Okay keep playing, just take it from 11 to 10.” Dad laughs and kids don’t know why

6:30 – Somehow the 3 year old lost his pants. They are no where to be found in the house. Personal note, revert back to my favorite bachelor game “where’s the smell?”

7:00 – Time to calm down and do something a little more creative. big brother has a Lego stash that would enable him to build his own Lego Movie, but for some reason wants more….

One of the first books I read to my oldest was “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Why? Simple, I needed references that a child could relate to. In this circumstance Veruca Salt worked just fine.

7:30 – “Boys why are you literally standing in the fridge?” Boys, “Dad, I know we said that we weren’t hungry anymore, but can we have a hot dog?”

7:40 – Eat hot dogs… CRAP! I begin to realize that my perfect week goal may not end up perfect after all, but hey, the kitchen is clean as a whistle.

Homework at the new desk!

Homework at the new desk!

8:00 – Alright it’s time for homework and book time.

All in all day 1 was eventful, but manageable. The boys went to bed a little late, but that’s to be expected because I usually keep them up a little past 8:) to play with them. The hardest part about being a working parent is that you don’t get to play with your kids nearly as much as you would like.

Tomorrow is a new day. This time; no time keeping.

It's been a long day

It’s been a long day

Home is where the WiFi is

I’m not sure how many of you know this, but i am from the great state of Utah. While I do at times complain about the more than heavy religious influence that the Mormons have over this area I have to admit that there are many things I love about living here. I try to avoid sharing other people’s articles as much as possible, but thought that this one is well done and that you might enjoy knowing about this misunderstood gem of the United States.

Oh and my WiFi is “Pretty Fly for a WiFi” so if you happen upon it stop over and say hi!

Winter Time

Who has two thumbs and got a GoPro for Chirstmas? This guy.

Well to the point, to those of you who are following me and any new subscribers, I wanted to share with you what me and my boy have been doing for the past few weekends. I went to Evo sometime in August (pre-season) and got some killer deals on new winter goods for myself and the family. We are loving life close to the mountains in Utah.

My Review of Rome MiniShred Rocker Snowboard – Youth 2013

Originally submitted at evo

Rome’s Youth MiniShred Rocker Snowboard is kid-friendly and built for new time shred. There’s no better camber for learning on with NoHang-Ups profile. This deck provides the little ones with nearly no edge catches, smooth-through turns and the ability to excel fast and have one heck of a blast! Th…

Quality Little Unit

By Ty from Salt Lake City, UT on 11/16/2013


5out of 5

Pros: Smooth Stability, Lightweight, Well Balanced, Tough

Best Uses: Freeriding, Powder, Speed, All Mountain, Tricks, Park

Describe Yourself: Advanced

Was this a gift?: Yes

I got this unit based on price and size. I seems to fit my smaller 5 year old very well and was light enough that he could jump around without getting too tired. It is a bit on the stiffer side, but that is to be expected from such a small stick.

Rome Minishred Rocker


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My Review of Flow Micron Snowboard Bindings – Kid’s 2014

Originally submitted at evo

Start the grom out right with the Flow Micron Snowboard Bindings. With the original reclining hiback, the Micron lets the grom quickly get in and out of the binding while power straps give great support and a secure fit. For the perfect binding for your pint-sized ripper, pick up the Flow Micron bi…

A Door Able

By Ty from Salt Lake City, UT on 11/16/2013


5out of 5

Pros: Installs Easily, Easy Entry & Release, Great Construction, Comfortable, Good Interface, Adjustable, Lightweight

Best Uses: Downhill, Powder, Freeriding, Tricks, All Mountain

Describe Yourself: Advanced

Was this a gift?: Yes

I got these bindings for my 5 year old who is somewhat small in stature. The design of these are pretty standard for Flow Bindings. Basically there is nothing tricky about them because they are designed for smaller riders who will likely grow out of them in a year or two. That being said My 5 year old was able to quickly and easily get in and out of these which is pretty much all I can ask for out of a smaller piece of hardware.

2012 Flow Micron


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