Chronicles of a Single-ish Dad Guy. Part 2: Oops I crapped my pants

I’m struggling here.

Alright I came into this week composed and have been doing just fine. Honestly, I could do this well enough going forward so long as I hold my daily routine. So why, if I’ve got this level of confidence, would I say that I’m struggling?

To put it simply, I’ve got a meeting that I need to facilitate at 8:00 in the morning tomorrow that was set up 2 weeks ago. This is complicated because their school doesn’t open until 8:15. This isn’t why I’m struggling though. I’ve already developed a contingency plan for this.

I have already made arrangements with their school to have them dropped off early at 7:45. This give me exactly 15 minutes to make it to the office. which cuts it close, but is feasible.

Here’s why I’m struggling; routine inconsistency and crappy pants. Potty training the 3 year old means that there is a real potability that there will be some surprise in his pants the moment we get in the car and no sooner….. Why? Because that very scene happened this morning.

I suppose the only thing to do is see what tomorrow brings and try to get him to go before we go.

Spider boy and dino boy challenge gravity

Spider boy and dino boy challenge gravity

Until then I want to say that the highlight of the day was when the boys realized that I made the beds. Apparently a made bed is a kid magnet

Taking it down a notch before bed

Taking it down a notch before bed

Other than that, we had a normal night that included Mac & Cheese with hot dogs and a book before bed. I say lack of excitement on a Wednesday is a win.


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