Party Like it’s 1956!

Party Like it's 1956!

Almost everything about our vacation is running as smooth as possible; my Amex magnetic strip went out. We did eventually find out why it is a little more expensive to stay in Victoria this weekend. Apparently it is classic car weekend. This means that in addition to telling the boys that they can go no close than 20 feet from the water (mom’s standards) that they can also go no closer than 10 feet to any car they see (dad’s standards). That being said, I think my little guy compliments this picture very well.


Xi’s Big Day

Xi's Big Day

We decided to go to Victoria, BC for Xi’s milestone birthday; don’t ask a number as she is somewhat sensitive about that. Originally we had thought about going to Moab and Arches national monument in Southern UT, but decided against that as it is so hot and dry down there that you can get dehydrated without even sweating.
Victoria is a lovely city, with many adventures for both the children and us. Xi desperately wants to have some adult time without having to manage the children, but that won’t happen for a couple days at least.