Business Networking Events

As many of you know, I am currently in the MBA program at Westminster College. This program has given me a world of experience that apply to both my personal and professional growth. The program I am in is designed to deliver this growth through classroom study, practical projects and extracarricular activities. Initially I wasn’t able to do any of the extracirricular activitied due to constraints on my time at work and at home. Recently however I have been doing thing like attending power lunches, where a prominent member of the business community will discuss how they became successful, and attend networking events.

These networking events vary greatly in format from event to event. Some of them are simply glorified job fairs and others are just excuses for adults to get together and have a professional gathering/party. If you are going to these I submit for you to consider a number of aspects in order to make the event a productive use of your time.

1. Dress codes vary so pay attention to the format; business casual is a minimul

2. Everyone attending can become a good business contact to leverage including yourself

3. Hand out business cards not resumes; resumes are for job fairs

4. loosen up! Use the communication skills you learned at parties when you were younger. If you’re lacking in communication skills then you can develop them at these events.

5. Open the discussion circle when someone walks up. These can be somewhat competative especially if you found someone who may want to introduce you to their business, but it is rude to block someone out of a conversation at a networking event and it makes you look bad if you do.

6. This one doesn’t have to be a rule, but I encourage it. Don’t eat food that will cause bad breath!


My Loyalties

I would like to start this post by first apologizing to those who have been waiting for this. I wanted to get this post out there a few weeks ago, but was working harder than ever at school and my job. Luckily my hard work has paid off in both those areas of my life.

I would like to initially start this post with a little background to set the stage so that you may have a general understand as to why I think the way that I do. I didn’t grow up with a lot of money or assets as some of you may have known or figured out by now. To make matters worse though,my family life was kinda crazy. On top of all this I had a…. different kind of father. He didn’t like much with regards to sports so we never had a favorite team or anything like that in my household; this is probably why I still don’t have any team. The point of this is that I haven’t been really loyal to things. I have instead found loyalty towards people and no matter what I say after this I FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT PEOPLE SHOULD BE LOYAL AND TRUE TO OTHERS!

So, to the matter at hand. ANDROID VS APPLE. This is truly a battle of the titans eh? Don’t worry I am aware of some of the other offerings out there, it’s just I hear more passion about these two offerings than anything I’ve ever heard in my life. Honestly though I don’t care and here is why. I remember a long time ago (back in the before time) there was a little company called Intel. Ever heard of them? This company created processors for computers. Then, as will frequently happen in a free market, along came a company called AMD. Who found that they could streamline the manufacturing costs of the processors being created by Intel which would then lower costs to consumers allowing for the invent of the consumer PC. Crazy thing is this, without AMD showing fierce competition and eventually making a better processor for a time, we wouldn’t have personal computers. Without this fight, we wouldn’t have the rapid innovation we had seen in the nineties.

This said, back to the point at hand. I see way too many people going insane about their apple products. People with these products tend to have such loyalty toward them that they don’t believe that the company can ever do them or their product wrong. These people seem to have settled in to the comfortable complacency chair. I would like to pleas to them; please, please don’t settle for the product you have. If you do so, it will undoubtedly limit innovation. Know that your dollar, your beliefs, your power is determined by the experiences that you have had in your life. Apple, Android, Web OS, none of them should have won you over for life. Please be open minded for all possibilities.

In the end, if you close yourself off to the new because you’ve decided that only one brand, political party or even lifestyle is the end all, you will have called it quits and will have lost the dynamic ever learning thing you like to call self because you will be letting a corporation determine who you are.

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