The Wrist

October 14th

I'm just out of surgery

Some of you have been wondering what happened to my wrist. Understandable considering my wife posted a picture of me in a hospital bed. I’ve included this picture to your right. To really explain this I’m going to have to give a bit of a back story.

As most of you know, I spent many years of my life on the top of a skateboard. I wasn’t really good at any point, but I had a lot of fun and was able to meet many of you as a result of this lifestyle/sport choice. I was never really an extremely aggressive skater, but I did try many tricks. Some of those tricks were on a half-pipe, and I usually liked to ride on bigger half-pipes. You can see a blue one below and to your right. This is where I broke my wrist. I was attempting a Rock and Roll for my first time. I rocked, but didn’t roll. This caused me to fall 5 feet onto my hand. Basically, I tries to jump off a car and land in a 1 handed hand stand. End result was that I broke a small joint in my wrist.

A pretty big half pipe

we had a couple like this in Ogden

Naturally I went to the doctor about this, but was told that I just had a hyperstreached tendon; which I found out was something that I made up and the doctor agreed with. Flash forward a few years without treatment. Now I’ve got arthritis. this is when I go to the bone doctor. he tells me that I can leave it and take some meds or have a painful surgery to get the problem fixed. I opted for the surgery. Essentially what they have done is this. The surgeon went in and scraped the arthritis gunk off then inserted a pin into my wrist. Then he went further up my wrist and scraped som bone from further up to shove between the joint. This will help to enable a better fusion. I’ve included a picture of what it looks like now for y’all. End result is that I will have a gnarly skateboard wound and metal in me.

Post Operation

Here is my Wrist