My Chinese Family

You may all have guessed that it can become a little tricky at times having part of your family live on the other side of the world. There are a number of things that I have to battle with on a regular basis. I will not go into many of those right now because each and every one can be a fascinating stand alone entry in my option. The problem that I have dealt with and would like to talk about in this entry is information sharing. One of the things I like to do is take videos of my family and share them with my wife’s family in China. Initially I would make a video, burn a DVD and mail it to China. This became very time consuming, expensive and difficult as I prefer to use AVCHD format (BluRay). So I decided to start posting my movies, but this didn’t work as most sites which allow individual postings (people’s opinions) are blocked in China. Nevertheless, I came up with a solution. I found that Photoshop has a service that is accepted in China so I have been using that. Here is my video site It was pretty easy to create, but it costs me an annual fee. In case you run into this in the future, this is probably the best way to go.


To be an small business employer

I have been thinking about some of the difficulties that small businesses face during this recession. No one can deny that it is difficult to be a small business owner during a recession/depression. You can never forecast buying patterns with 100% accuracy and you are facing regular competition from other companies who are struggling to keep themselves in business. When you really look at things, these are the problems that have always plagued small businesses. The only difference now is that people are more strict at determining if a product is truly worth their dollar. So, I suppose there are really two problems facing small business employers currently, are you selling junk and how are you treating your people? I’d like to really discuss my thoughts on how small businesses utilize their employees.

On the one hand…

Employers are having to face laying off valuable employers more frequently than ever. The decision to let go of an employee cannot be an easy one. Not only does this effect the person and their family, but it is also undeniable proof that a business is shrinking.

On the other hand…

Employers have never been able to get so much work utilization out of a single person since the great depression. People are having to do the work of multiple employees who have been let go. This can become stressful on the employee for two reasons. One, they are just working harder than ever. Two, the worry and fear of being fired is greater than ever. However, small businesses are getting twice the work out of half the employee.

On the other, other hand…(a monkey will use a foot in this situation)

If an employer decides to hire more people instead of stressing out fewer people to get more wouldn’t that improve the economy and business overall? I know there are many businesses that are in this situation, but are scared to move. I guess all that really needs to happen, is businesses need to put themselves back into the economic machine that is the U.S. by investing in the people who are integral members of this machine.

The State of the Nation

So last night I had my second introductory class to economics. I have to say that I was pretty happy with the information the professor delivered. He understood that the class was more or less introductory and that students should just have an idea about the basics of economics and how this field effects society. Topics which he included were things like the choice of pursuing an MBA, conflict of interest in positions of power and the true implications of our silly debate over the debt ceiling.

Pursuit of an MBA

This professor has actually been focusing some of his time toward research on education level as it applies to social and economical advancement. Basically, if his findings are correct, he has determined that statistically there isn’t much hope for people in our nation who don’t have advanced degrees beyond a bachelors. More over, even if one has an advanced degree they will statistically only show a steady increase in wages if they marry someone with the same level of education.

Conflicts of Interest in Positions of Power

Here is something interesting. The Federal Reserve has more constitutional power than the president. The job of the reserve is to keep inflation at a certain rate with the goal of maintaining stability of the economy. This can get a little shady, here’s how. During the initial failing of financial institution there were 3 men in power who were formal big wigs at Goldman Sachs. Ever wonder why the Fed decided to bail out the banks and insurance firms only after Goldman Sachs’ largest competitor went under? And wow! they were able to sell us, the American people, all of their toxic assets at full market value. Shady, shady, shady.

The Silly Debate of the Debt Ceiling

This is a no brainer. I don’t like being in debt any more than the rest of you, but there is one simple truth, we are not the production capitol of the world. We drive the production capitols because we are the buying capitol of the world. We do this through our management of debt and other things. In our world debt is a way of life so I think it’s safe to say that you all know what it is like to miss a payment on something. Well this debt ceiling political (not financial) debate almost made us miss a national payment. If we miss a payment, our credit score will go down then we won’t be able to borrow any more then we won’t be able to buy anymore and then we see the fall of this leisurely nation. we need external confidence in order to buy because we have officially stopped going through our industrial revolution….Political leaders are gambelers, but it’s our lives they gamble with.

Working hard

I’ve been trying to become more physically fit. I guess I have multiple reasons for doing so. First and foremost, I am anticipating that I will have a pair of boys who are very active. Naturally I am going to want to keep up with them and to do so I need to get back into shape. To do so i have joined a gym. I have also bought a watch which helps to keep my heart rate. I think this thing is almost worth the money.

Naturally I didn’t pay full price for it because of a couple of gift cards that I had available. the best part is that it helps me to track my improvement over time and gives me the ability to challenge people to fitness matches around the world. Aside from all that though, I’m just glad that I’m consistently heading to the gym.

Something Meaningful

Well I suppose that since some people may eventually start looking at this I should start to say something meaningful. I suppose I’d like to pose a question that has probably been asked before.

How meaningful is the thought sent randomly into inter space like this?

One could argue that it has absolutely no meaning. That the author of a though such as this really doesn’t care if it is read or not and this is why they put it on a site such as thing, but I suppose that would depend on their friend following. I they don’t have such a large friend following, like the following that is lacking on this blog spot then this can be nothing more than a journal entry hidden in a mass of other journal entries. If someone does have a large following then then shouldn’t they say something meaningful so as to improve the world around them? Probably, but they are usually just talking about the Honey Badger or something meaningless like that.

My vote is that social media is meaningless to most with great potential to be genuinely meaningful.